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12/01/11: Rethinking Business as Usual | 8 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups


“It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most.”James Cash Penney

Having more than a smidge of Virgo, I fall very easily into a role of service. It’s natural and comfortable for me. I get tremendous satisfaction from helping! It’s what I’m built for, so it’s often win-win. But there are times when I overdo, and find it makes others uncomfortable if it’s too one-sided. They feel guilty, or perhaps feel less capable in the face of having too much piled on that silver platter I’m bustling about filling up. Or I can get frustrated, with the workload, not making an impact, or otherwise feeling out of balance.  That’s the time to rethink business as usual.

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Man, didn’t we just see these cards? Today’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Rainbows (Pentacles), or Ordinariness, and the Seven of Water (Cups), or Projection from the sometimes blunt Osho Zen deck. Here, I see encouragement to do a gut check on what you consider your responsibility and what you consider not to be yours. In the heart of a Mercury Rx cycle, revisiting and reevaluating are never bad ideas.

What is YOUR job? In relationships, in living, in your inner circle, what responsibilities do you routinely take on? Are you the catalyst, the fixer, the person who says what others are thinking, or the one that cleans up the mess? Are each of the jobs still appropriate, fitting to who you are now and best served by your continuing? Or do you sometimes act out of expired expectations—either your own or someone else’s?

Don’t assume what you see is the same as what everyone else does. Your thoughts and perception filters your interpretation of the facts. What you take for granted may not be seen the same by everyone else. Feelings change over time. So before you martyr yourself (or start backhanding wantonly), review to determine what is actually wanted, needed, and in everyone’s highest interests. Look deep down, and what you see could surprise you—even change your definition of standard practice.

Are you comfortable with your responsibilities and service?

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  1. Oh, so dead bang on this morning, Dixie!

    I’m caring for a friend’s mother, and last night stepped BACK from doing a whole lot more than what our agreement is for. The message was loud and clear – I am to do ONLY what I agreed to.
    I love my friend’s mum – known her for 30 years. But she’s not my mother.

    I can’t save my friend or her mum. All I can do is what I agreed to do. Anything more, and I’m cutting my own throat. (And enabling my friend’s denial.)
    Thanks for the confirmation, Dixie…..

      1. Yep – I have to keep “seeing” my friend as being just fine. And being able to work her way through things. Not my stuff, not my lesson. I need to step back, and not judge. Just offer support if asked.
        Thanks for the hug, Dixie. Back atcha!

  2. I’m growing in to it. I think.

    “Mom, you are getting soft.” That’s what I heard from my oldest son last night in response to an interaction between his younger brother and I. “No, I like to think of it as getting wiser. I try to control less and try to love more and guide more from a ‘setting an example’ standpoint rather than being a drill sargeant. And if there is one area of life that you could observe and learn a lot from–it would be my mistakes. Believe me, I have.”

    I guess my job is a lot about screwing up first. Maybe so people can learn what not to do? Or they can learn if they do the wrong thing, that doesn’t mean it’s the end? There is always room to learn, grow, and change.

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