October 14

10/14/11: Emotional Investments | 8 of Cups, Ace of Swords



8_of_CupsToday’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Cups or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces, along with the Ace of Swords or Root of the Powers of Air, associated with the Air element. While we’re more familiar with the traditional rendition of the Eight of Cups—leaving!—I like Legacy of the Divine’s version, emphasizing the transformational factors of releasing emotional attachments that sometimes just gets overlooked.

Remember, we have to work (Saturn) to transcend (Pisces). It’s not automatic! Boundaries (Saturn) protect us from becoming swallowed (Pisces) in the emotional stew. We’re in part defining ourselves by what we’re choosing to leave behind. While I often think of the Eight of Cups as a sad card because it can be, it bears minding that it’s also a card of release, relief. Your load is lighter once you walk away, always.

The Ace of Swords would have us being sure choices going forward are conscious, not by default. Reason, ideals, and progression toward defined goals all fit well into the new paradigm. Swords are tools every bit as much as weapons. So use the tools you have at your disposal here, starting with the brain!

You have a choice. It may not be the choice you want mind you, but it’s your choice nonetheless. Instead of attaching energy in hopes of preventing what you don’t want (fear-based approach), try focusing exclusively on what you do want (love-based approach). Both approaches activate the Law of Attraction, you know. So be crystal clear on what you would like to attract. Combined with letting go of emotional investments you’ve outgrown, this is a very powerful combination changing your life.

Are you cashing in any old emotional investments?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Ace of Swords, Air Element, Eight of Cups, Law of Attraction, Legacy of the Divine, Saturn in Pisces

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  1. I’m a Cancer with a Pisces moon, holding on tight with those crabby claws to delusions are part of my charm!

    Boundaries – what are those? Emotional Stew – I swim there
    8 of Cups – Release & Relief – ahh here we go!
    Ace of Swords (I prefer rapier)- Not just a weapon but a TOOL!

    Letting go of the outworn is always a work in progress but I MUST acknowledge & be grateful for the progress I’ve made-GO ME! Creating the void & COMPLETELY cleaning it makes way for the shiney & new! Besides older investments have a much higher emotional tax if you hang on to them past their prime!

    Wise words my shiny pink haired friend! :-))

  2. Everyone, today is a very good day! Late yesterday I was stressing about something so I had Dixie do a short tarot reading for me. I got wonderful insight into the situation, MUCH deeper than expected plus she always reminds me to look at what’s mine & what isn’t. I wrote tons of follow-up questions but I stopped her before she could get to it. I told her I didn’t need it, I got what I NEEDED & the writing helped me process the rest – it was extremely freeing to let go! What’s most interesting is as soon as I sent Dixie the e-mail telling her not to follow-up I got a text from the person I was worried about – all was good. When I honestly LET GO I was rewarded with a little bit of peace & who in the heck doesn’t need more of that in their life!

    I have to thank Dixie for helping me get to a place where I didn’t need the follow-up. She also helped me dismantle my mental gerbil wheel – THAT my friends was H U G E! Just a little praise for our pink haired friend on this beautiful Friday in Austin, Texas.

    Love and Blessings to all and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Focus on what you DO want. A little tricky not to go into denial or delusional territory, but it DOES make me feel better than focusing on what I fear or don’t want. Thanks for the reminder.

    I want to feel trusting with whatever is and in a state of love and peace, not fear. It seems the way to do that these days, for me, is to keep the love flowing in me, focus on that state, regardless of what happens out there. I guess that relates to letting go of the old attachments to and investing in things, people, outcomes, outside of myself to make me feel good. Man does this take a lot of practice!

  4. Besides older investments have a much higher emotional tax if you hang on to them past their prime!”

    Those are absolutely wise words, CancerMom!

    And this is another daily Tarot that I will think about all day and then some! I know that 8 of Cups is a must-do, and I know that Ace of Swords is telling me to get down & serious with what I truly value and what is my personal Truth. No messing around. I have to stop “pretending” to be serious, and actually GET serious about it. No more fooling around.

    Thanks Dixie!

  5. You are so good at it Dixie! Thank you!

    I heard an interview recently with a guy who wrote an article in a recent New Yorker magazine about personal coaching… how athletes and opera singers have them, and how we all could benefit from having coaches. I feel like I have one I can turn to daily here — for the kinds of things I am working on and skills I am intending to learn, hone, and master. And then there are the other people who write in on the subjects, too, who support the cause.

    Am very grateful!

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