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01/27/13: Let go of Survivor’s Guilt | 8 of Cups


8-of-cupsWhat could I have done differently? What SHOULD I have done differently?”

When we make it and someone we care for does not, it’s hard. The why question shows up. It’s like we want to adopt conditional omnipotence as weapon against ourselves.

“I should have known,” so often the refrain.

When you get to an Eight of Cups place, it’s well beyond the “should-have-knowns.” While looking to learn whatever lessons lurk in transition is always a  solid idea, feeling bad about yourself because you’ve decided to evolve beyond a zombie-laden past is NOT great idea. It may lead you to linger, and we all know what happens to one’s brain when they linger too long about a whole lot of zombies!

The Eight of Cups tells us there is something to be left behind. We’re leaving, and it’s emotional.

Now, I’m not saying you must walk out on your spouse or job or family. Whatever emotional attachment is now being severed might well be entirely in your head! Regardless, though, there’s likely something to be left now.

Why, you may even be leaving behind you the idea that it’s within your abilities (or rights) to make sure everybody else is safe. I don’t know. I’ll leave that to you to ponder.

I just know this is a card of letting go.

Are you letting go?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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Eight of Cups, Zombie Tarot

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  1. Ok, so I have to let go BEFORE I can make progress! Ha.

    Could be the reason for being at a standstill.

    I can see that huge dark storm that this girl is leaving behind, but the destination will be awesome!

    I guess I had regrets! I had tried to make everything perfect, but you can’t do that if somebody won’t let you!

    1. Everyone is responsible for taking care of their own experience. You cannot make things perfect for anybody else. You can certainly contribute positively to another’s experience, but that only works if it’s a true community effort.

      Having talked to a LOT of people in various situations, I can tell you right now that one’s state of happiness often bears little relationship to anything external.

  2. My mother past away yesterday morning on saturday 26/1 and I was with her the whole time, it was the hardest thing I have ever done but for my beloved mothers sake I feel happy because now she is at peace, no more pain, no more suffering. Now she is in heaven and has peace. The sorrow and sadness in me is greater than I can express in words.. But I have no regrets in relation to my mother and I know that she feels the same way. And I know that we will see eachother again. So The letting go part of this card was my mother leaving this earth, and now I have to live my life without her here.. I am so Thankful for all the love we have shared and that when she died she felt that she was so so so loved!!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss Lady. I’m glad that your relationship with her was such that you are at peace with it, but even so it’s still a hard time. Much love to you.

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