July 8

07/08/12: Rusted and Ready to Retire | 8 of Cups


8 of cupsAre your emotional connections in the same shape as you last remembered? May be a good time to see if they still fit.

The Rosetta Tarot’s Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) takes it’s name, “Indolence,” from Thoth. Here, the cups are  rusted, sitting on dried up lily pads, of limited use due inattention and complacency.

Check on what still works for you and what doesn’t in the emotional realm. See what needs attention, and discard what you’ve outgrown or need to leave. It’s time. You don’t want to find yourself seeking a little solace only to realize the route you’re seeking it from isn’t available. These cups will leak!

Listen: maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a trend lately with these daily cards and/or how I’m seeing them. As in, clean out your closets! Out with the old, the outmoded, the blaming somebody else, the waiting for life to catch up to your dreams.

Release and reflect, release and reflect. If it’s no longer serving, walk away and allow the void. The void is scary but required, if you ever want to have room in those closets for the new life you’ve been saying you want.

Are you letting go?

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    1. I have literally been cleaning, CJ. I got my headphones out, put on a workshop recording by Caroline Myss I’ve had forever (as in YEARS) but for some reason never listened to and just cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It was SO much easier than I thought it would be.

  1. I feel like the universe has it’s vacuum hose directed right at me sucking all the “tag alongs” off. At first, I was like..what the heck is going on here? And, I fought it a little. But now, I’m totally over it. It’s more like, “oh, that’s one too? wow..who knew..buh-bye then”

    But, yes, I’m getting the whole “letting go” theme in the universe right now. Traveling much more lightly as a result.

  2. You know what? I gotta start carving time out to read this every day. This is…wow. I started the process described here at the end of last month, conveying the information with tears and sorrow to the one it needed to go to. I followed up on it the next evening when I was calm and not bawling, verifying that I meant what I said and making sure the other person understood that. And yesterday, it boiled up again and he acted all surprised. But I was calm – if pissed off, I was still calm – and let him know this is what it is.

    I’m scared spitless, but I have to do what I have to do to be able to live with myself.

    You rock, Dix.

  3. I have just moved… and amazed how much I have. Cleaning up and out now…and again. emotionally, physically, spiritually… Life is good.

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