October 5

10/05/12: Over-Caffeinated | 8 of Cups



Had a little too much coffee? Okay, a lot too much? It’s not really solving the exhaustion, but you know, we keep thinking, “Just another cup, one more cup,” will do the trick, hoping to wake up with a clear head.

I think she really knows better. Don’t you?

The Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) shows up when we’ve a heavy emotional (Cups) investment—Tarot Eights refer to a long-standing, sustained application of energy.

When we see the traditional version of this card, there’s tendency to focus on the walking away part. Pisces disappearing! Oh, he’s headed off for the mountains, he’s ready to move on.

What we sometimes want to gloss over is the strength it takes to do that, after putting in so much Saturn energy, the work!

I can’t fault you if this is where you’re at. I really can’t. If I’ve put in the time, the energy, the heart and soul and guts into making something work, I don’t like to let it go. I don’t like to admit, “Hey, this isn’t serving anymore.” Sometimes, I’d like everything to stay…manageable. Predictable. The same.

Except it’s not. It’s overwhelming and clear, whatever it is simply is NOT working. No amount of additional investment is going to change that.

The choice to walk or not is always there. When the Eight of Cups arrives, limiting (Saturn) loss via withdrawal (Pisces) is likely and probably best, but it’s not a forgone conclusion. There is still free will.

YOU decide,what you’ll walk away from.

Are you ready to go?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. “It’s overwhelming and clear, whatever it is simply is NOT working. No amount of additional investment is going to change that.”

    Yep. Walking away from a whole lot right now. And it feels good and right… and I feel good and ~light~.

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