December 15

12/15/12: High and Low Tides | 8 Cups



Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass. –Owen Feltham

8_of_Cups tarot reading meaningWell, this is the perfect compliment to yesterday’s admonition for self-care in the face of disruption. Pulling back and turning inward allows perspective and healing to occur. And notice the significant difference from the RWS version? The idea is the same—leaving behind emotions as signified by the 8 cups on the shore. But there is less sadness in “Emotional Withdrawal” as there is in the traditional Eight of Cups.

Another thing to remember about this kind of situation—like the tides of the ocean, pain ebbs and flows. What you’re looking for is not so much to avoid it completely. That’s impossible! It’s to remain emotionally centered while it washes in and out. I suspect the tidal nature of pain is what lets us process without becoming overwhelmed.

Pull yourself out of the fray, and turn within. Let the feelings come, observe them, feel them as you will, but then allow them to wash right back out. Those feelings? They are not WHO you are. They are transitory states, that come and go with the tide. So treat them that way.

The core of who you are is different from the feelings that come and go. THAT part of you, the central part of your being, is unshakable. Don’t forget that sitting in high tide.

Are you in high tide?

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