September 26

09/26/12: Lessons Learned | 8 of Cups


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Forget what you’ve got tied up emotionally. Forget what you once hoped for, what you thought you had. If you want to reach new heights, if you want to make it to those mountains, then walk away.

This is the Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces). BOUNDARIES (Saturn) drawn around feelings (Pisces) and illusion (Pisces). Definition (Saturn) of the formless dreams (Pisces).  Walls (Saturn) erected to avoid merging (Pisces).

Consider this a lesson learned. Let go and move on. Go find yourself some new cups to fill.

Can you use some Eight of Cups energy?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Eight of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite

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  1. Once we are moved and settled in – mid-October – I am going to send you an email so you understand why you are SO SPOT ON with what’s happening around here right now. I made it to the mountains, and I’m filling new cups. You rock.

  2. “Definition (Saturn) of the formless dreams (Pisces).” — I am working on that, as of last night. Thank goodness I was in the tub (Pisces), kuz I must’ve cried 8 cups worth of tears(Pisces)!!!

    “Consider this a lesson learned. Let go and move on. Go find yourself some new cups to fill.” Yep! I threw those cups of tears out with the bath water, but saved the baby — me!

    I did do a recap of lessons learned (Saturn) and am in the process of firming up (Saturn) my next Priority One goal, and I need to apply discipline (Saturn) to reach it, at which point I will celebrate with goblets of……… ~WINE~ (Pisces)!!!

  3. Happy to report I am having a VERY PRODUCTIVE day :yes: , of the kind that is MOVING MY LIFE FORWARD. Hard work (Saturn) of the physical kind :hammer: is involved, and I am celebrating (Pisces) :drink: responsibly (Saturn) as I go! (Why wait?! )

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