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12/29/12: Beware Zombie Invaders! | 7 of Wands



Everybody’s a critic, huh? At least, until you find yourself a good meal. And once you find yourself a good meal, don’t be surprised if some of those critics show up demanding a piece of your pie. (Or fleshy matter, brain tissue, whatever applies.)

There are lots of reasons for this phenomena. It’s easier to tear someone else down than take the personal risk of being innovated and daring. Some are just jealous. Lazy people show up to piggyback off of other’s hard work. Opportunists take what they can get, whenever they think someone is weak or unwary enough to be susceptible. With success comes the added burden of defense of said success. It’s inevitable.

You can like the phenomena or not, but it’s a reality. Protect yourself from the start, and the vultures…er, ah, zombies, will pass you by for easier targets. After all, the thieving zombies are the ones that don’t want to work very hard!

Don’t be surprised if leeches initially pretend to be friends—way too much, too fast, and oh yeah, they’re “friends” you never choose. They flatter and pretend to be in need. It’s a boundary test for you. Once someone pats you on the back and proclaims, “I think you’re SO awesome and want you to know, I’d NEVER dream of stealing your food…I want to be just like you!” Well, best keep a watch on your food. You’re being set up.

Zombies are actually a great metaphor for these invaders because they are like re-animated corpses. Shells, looking to drink from your life force. It’s the life, the spark of your energy and creation that’s actually targeted. Don’t let that happen.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, DEFEND yourself, hard and fast. Don’t flinch, don’t wait for close proximity to confirm, because it’s all the harder when they’ve moved in. Stand tall, stand firm, and stand alone to protect what is valuable and rightfully yours. It can be protection of the material or that more etheric, but either way, it requires singular defense or you’ll be one hungry, crying zombie. And nothing is sadder than a hungry, crying zombie.

Are you good at swatting off the zombies invaders?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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