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07/02/12: Living Your Truth | 7 Wands



“Really? Really!?? It’s not enough, that I’m a pink-haired Tarot reader in Podunk Kansas, skipping around talking about spirits and charkas and energetic vibrations? Now I’m supposed to be a witch, too?!? Aren’t there enough people standing in line to save me already?!”

This is what I said to the sky. What can you do but laugh, you know?

I talk a fair amount about pings, what’s on my radar—recognizing and especially paying attention. I wholeheartedly believe we get as much guidance as we welcome with open arms, help smoothly walking the path. The more you pay attention, the stronger and more frequently pings come in.

But I tell you what: there is NO telling what that path is going to be!

We’ve got the Seven of Wands from the Psychic Tarot Oracle – that imagery is pretty clear-cut, don’t you think? Traditionally associated with Mars in Leo, there’s a sense here of having to fight (Mars) for your confidence (Leo).

It’s not like I bother much with public opinion. I was raised specifically to disregard it, and my upbringing served well. But it’s not like I’m unaware, either. I won’t tell you it never stings. But whaddya gonna do?

You don’t think my unabashed woo-woo proclivities has cost me clients from my other, more traditional business pursuits? Think again.

Not to mention my insistence on going my own way has cost more than 25 years with my family. There are some things you don’t get back. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

But in exchange, I get to be who I really am. I get to speak what I truly believe and live the way that makes me happiest. I can shine my own light full force and if it glares in some eyes, the mofo’s can look the other way.

I can’t be bothered looking for consensus when I want to live on the supernatural edge. I don’t know really know if ever self-identify as a witch or not, but I know I’ll learn about it, because I was guided to.

Paying attention to my inner compass has never let me down. I’ll hold close whatever rings true and discard whatever doesn’t. What you keep and what you discard in and of itself is far less important than making the call with purity and intention, because it’s an individual path, an individual reality being created. Hence, it’s an individual responsibility to keep it clean and true. That’s how you live brightest, living true.

Do you feel like you can live your truth?

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  1. I feel like I have to. I can’t keep my mouth shut half the damn time, even when it would be easier if I could.

    Says the middle-aged purple-haired freak who is going to quit her job at the peak of her current career.

    To start over again.

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