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11/20/12: Don’t show your hand | 7 Swords


7-of-swords-meaningWhen my kids were little, I’d sometimes bust one for breaking a rule in my absence. One of the first things I learned was that it was always a mistake to explain exactly HOW I could identify the guilty party. When the oldest got into the cabinet in the middle of the night for an unauthorized snack and tried to blame it on the baby, I outlined how the caper was beyond the baby’s capacity; closing the cereal box and replacing it to it’s proper place in the cabinet gave her away. So next time, she left the mess out in a more carefully considered attempt to frame her little sister. Lesson learned on both sides of the parent-child interaction!

When I look at this chick pictured on the Mystic Dreamer Seven of Swords, I’m reminded of my Scorpio Mars. The thing Scorpio Mars instinctively knows is that it is often more powerful NOT to broadcast yourself. Especially if there is any kind of antagonistic vibe going, the best bet is often going to be an under-the-radar approach.

Don’t show your hand. Let the competition think you’re clueless. Let those who would attack you think you do not see it coming. Let the scam artist believe they have found a target. I’m not saying misdirect. I’m saying just keep your mouth shut and let the situation play out. Just smile and let others believe whatever they might. You know the truth, and that’s much more powerful than broadcasting everything you know.

Do you usually show your hand?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Mystic Dreamer, Seven of Swords

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