June 7

06/08/13: The Company You Keep / 7 Pentacles, 3 Cups, Justice



7_of_Pentacles3_of_CupsTarot_11_JusticeWhat you plant on your own—the seeds of character, beginnings of connections, a reputation for good work and integrity—these identify who you are to your people. This brings balance and yes, justice to your life.

We’ve got the Seven of Pentacles, the fruit of our labors blooming, followed by the joy of community from the Three of Cups. Taken together, these contribute to the overriding stabilizing, balancing force of Justice.

Who you are largely determines who makes up your inner circle, your “community,” you know? And this is a direct reflection upon who you are as well as who they are. It’s not about judgement, but rather the balancing (or destabilizing) nature of close relationships.

Cultivate the qualities you wish to grow, and then surround yourself with others who share those qualities. This will keep you balanced and firmly rooting in being the kind of person you wish to be. Our vibrations attract those of like vibration and dissimilar vibrations between people who are close together tend to match up over time. If you want a loving, compassionate life, first BE loving and compassionate, cultivate it, and then surround yourself with others who are that way. That keeps you on track. Like attracts like.

Are you satisfied with the company you keep?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Justice, Seven of Pentacles, Three of Cups

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  1. My vibrations attracted the most AWESOME BOOK today!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!

    The cute Fed-Ex man just left it on our doorstep…

    Everyday Tarot Archives, by Dixie Vogel, in lovely shades of pink and lavender and filled with the WISDOM that will guide my life.

    Thank you good vibrations…

  2. Sad to report though that the seeds you sent me did not germinate. I was not surprised though, because they arrived on a cold, freeze-your-tits-off day and them being tropical flowers and all, they probably gave up the ghost right there in my mailbox! Oh well… I had fun sowing them, and watering them, and waiting for them… Just the fact that you cared enough to go to the trouble of saving them and sending them to me was warmth aplenty for my heart! (((hug)))

    1. I’m sorry they are not showing up. I’m not sure if the ones I saved from last year are coming up for me or not. They are SLOW, though, when they do so I’ve no choice but to be Zen over ’em. Last year, I planted them I think in March, didn’t see a bloom until August…

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