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04/04/14: Career Imagination Amuck / 7 of Cups


7 of Cups

Damn. There’s a reason I don’t pull out the Medicine Woman Tarot a lot. This Seven of Cups…er, Bowls, pretty much bears no resemblance whatsoever to what I’m used to seeing. I could try and find the book for the deck to see if this one has more than a little spin per the creator. I could read it traditionally. Ultimately, I’ll just see whatever the card says to me but really, as much as I enjoy the great variety of Tarot in the world, sometimes I find this just freakin’ distracting…

That having been said however, I have a daily to do. So less kvetch, more forecast!

I want to ask, are you counting blessings before they are hatched? Are you over-romanticizing in the area of work?  In this “bowl” that appears to be a vision, there is true love, a dolphin grinning and what looks to be a mermaid in the background. Quite an idyllic scene! The scene outside the bowl isn’t bad, mind you. But it’s not quite as over-the-top A-MAZ-ING as the main focus of the card. I mean, who could manage to swim and hug in the ocean like that for God’s sakes?

My short answer here is that the career scene may be good—maybe even very good, with excellent potential. But there are rocks on the shore, so you need to be aware. The situation itself looks more potential-y than guarentee-y to me. (Both words according to Dixie).

And even a very, very good situation cannot hold a candle to what we conjure up in a fantasy. So separate it out. Know what you have reason to believe is real based on objectivity, past performance, and good, ol’ fashioned rationality. You may have awesome possibilities but don’t let yourself be run away with them. You could miss genuine, real-world opportunities in the process.

Has your career imagination run away with you?

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Medicine Woman Tarot, Seven of Cups

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