September 23

09/24/13: Open to Evidence / 7 of Cups


7 of Cups Steampunk TarotYou see what you see, but do you know what it is? The Seven of Cups would say, “Not.”

Human tendency seems to be to classify, simplify, categorize, pigeonhole and assume. Where’s the sense of wonder? Where’s the curiosity? None of us know everything, damnit! Don’t assume you know someone else’s motivations: others are not you! Nor should you undertake significant considerations by a quick judging at face value. If it matters a lot, dig a little.

We have ideas, working theories and observations. That’s helpful, how we function without being drowned in a sea of information. But it’s safer to approach hard conclusions much like a scientist: start with a hypothesis, sure. But then look for evidence to support or disprove your initial notions.

That’s how you grow, being open to evidence. Most people start with the conclusion and work their way backwards to find support for it. Backtracking doesn’t support growth. It’s like starting a conversation with “I told you so.” Nothing useful will be accomplished.

You don’t want to reach for conclusions today so much as create an evolving version of a working model.

How do you approach the unknown?

Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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Seven of Cups, Steampunk Tarot

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