April 9

04/10/13: Celebrating with the Chorus / 6 Wands


“Be good. Do good. The devil wields no power over a good man.” -Harry Segall


In a beautiful follow-up to yesterday, we’ve got “Victory & Success,” better known as the Six of Wands! This rendition is interesting in that it more resembles the Fool card that what we’re used to seeing for the Six of Wands, a man on a horse leading his warriors after a victory.

One could surmise he’s “tooting is own horn,” but I prefer to think he’s playing a song of thanks up towards that sunny clearing in the sky. Tarot sixes are never individual efforts. There may be an individual leading, but there is invariably a supporting cast even if the cast is unseen or of the etheric variety.

I would add, though—like with the Fool card, see how he’s standing at the edge of a summit? He could fall off that ledge if he gets carried away and looses his balance. Not to rain upon the happy moment or anything, but it always behooves us to remain aware of our surroundings, you know?

Enjoy those successes! You deserve it. But don’t go getting the big head, either. Sometimes, victories leave us feeling invincible. Just because we’ve climbed the mountain doesn’t mean we couldn’t fall off of it.

Of course, come to think of it, giving thanks is the closest thing you’ve got to insurance. Even if you’re justifiably proud (which I way do NOT consider a sin), remembering to appreciate what good has come your way and those forces that assisted in achieving it helps keep you grounded, taking nothing for granted. Doing right and giving others their due in that sense is in and of itself is a sort of protection, you know?

Not to mention, it’s the right thing to do. There’s a huge amount of protection in keeping your own Karma clean. At least, I think so.

Are you amidst a celebration?

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