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02/01/13: No Favors | Rev 6 Pentacles



“Only when you give from the heart does it make the giving whole.” – Stephen Richards

Funny thing, about using all these different decks. Not only does Tarot have a language of it’s own, but I find every deck has a special vocabulary as well! While this card usually speaks of generosity in general or charity in particular—for love questions, I call it “the Charity Dating” card—the Six of Pentacles from Legacy of the Divine  shows up for me especially when there is jealousy afoot, or giving with mixed motivations.

Green with envy, you know? Maybe the recipient resents the giver, or maybe the giver resents the recipient for not having to hustle up the resources. I don’t know, but it’s worth watching.

Reversed, material facts are likely withheld, something’s not quite on the up-and-up. I’d say, look that gift horse in the mouth today! Make sure it’s not got a cavity problem, lest you be spending more on vet bills than you would have picking out your own damn horse.

The same goes for examining personal acts of kindness. Are they really kind? Nothing wrong with a win-win, absolutely, but don’t try to sell a win-win as a “favor-win,” you hear?  Always be honest, first and foremost with thyself. The better you understand what drives you, the better your internal GPS works for you. Keep it all clear and clean.

Make sure your favors really ARE favors today, on both sides of the fence. If you offer a hand, be sure it’s really serving the greater good and not alleviating your own discomfort or emphasizing your own status. If you take a hand, make sure there are not massive strings attached.

Keep your own gifts from the heart, and accept only those you trust and you’ll make out well.

You have experience with questionable gifts?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Jealousy, Legacy of the Divine, Six of Pentacles

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  1. This is an interesting card today as my daughter is baking banana nut bread all day as belated Christmas gifts for her church. These are definitely gifts from the heart.

    In the past I’ve donated; tithing, repairs, helping campers, gift baskets etc. I can say it was to support a place she found sanctuary but I know it’s not the entire reason. Maybe I always wanted her/us viewed in a good light. Just in case ya know.

    Looking back I do think there was some irritation that we COULD. I also wonder if they were pretending to be nice to me, and her, at times to keep the flow going their way.

    I try not to give with strings yet some of the intent here was questionable, on both sides I believe.

    Wise words my pink haired friend

  2. Maybe sometimes I’m hoping for a little love or goodwill in return, but I know I just need to give of my time or things with no strings attached at all.

  3. Well, the thing that strikes me is that when I can erase expectations and just give because I want to, or because I feel it’s the right thing to do, I get a lot more joy out of it. If the act itself is what I am seeking and nothing more, there is absolutely NO WAY I can be disappointed. I get the “outcome” from my gift immediately. This is not always easy to do, but it’s worth cultivating the ability.

  4. Here’s a bit of synchronicity/validation for ya Dixie This came in my email..right next to your daily draw email.


    It’s a Q/A Session from OM Times with this guru dude.
    Omtimes: Louix, the second question is kind of tricky because I believe it has been the main point of dilemma for many that are trailing the spiritual path right now. The question is “How do I serve others without feeling depleted”?

    Louix: Well, You are supposed to be focused on being selfless and serving others—that is noble and humble—but it cannot be at the expense of your existence. There are two primary causes of feeling depleted as a result of serving others. One is that individuals are not sourcing themselves; the other is because of serving with impure motives.

    Your body is what houses your soul. If you let that go to ruin, then everybody loses. You lose, because you will expire. God loses, because then God does not have you as an instrument, a vessel, and a messenger of His love. And all the people whom you have been serving so selflessly and humbly will lose, because there will be no you to serve them. It is a question of balance. You have to drink from the wellspring and source yourself so that you can serve others. The same principle is used for emergency procedures on airplanes: secure your oxygen mask before securing them on your children. A dead parent is less able to help a child than a breathing parent, especially a child who is not able to help himself.

    You have to source yourself in order to source others. There is a second reason why some people feel depleted as a result of serving others. You have to honestly examine whether or not your motives for serving are truly selfless. If you are serving begrudgingly, without joy, with an expectation of something in return (reciprocity, a favor, money, recognition…), and/or while (silently) wishing you were doing something else, you would most definitely feel depleted.

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