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04/12/13: Building with Thrown Bricks / 6 of Pentacles


“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” –David Brinkley


“Material and Spiritual Prosperity” is the Psychic Tarot Oracles’ Six of Pentacles. First blush, I want to call it the Six of Wands, not only because of the red (which I associate with the Fire element, go figure), but the general stance and attitude of this card.

But it’s not the victorious Six of Wands. It’s the Six of Pentacles.

While the Psychic Tarot Oracle version emphasizes the feeling of having all that wealth laid out at one’s feet, the RWS version tells the same story with a different perspective—having enough excess to provide for others. From either vantage point, however, there’s likely to be some envy and potential resentment amongst those who have less. I sometimes get this card to show envy.

From the perspective of the person who has “made it,” that’s potentially disturbing. People assume those with more money (or love, or health, whatever they feel impoverished of) have no problems. If only, huh?

As consultant, I can disabuse you of that notion now. It’s not true of the wealthy or the healthy any more than it’s true about psychics, astrologers, the famous or anybody else you think “has it made”. Human beings are so very…human, and each of us has our challenges, whether or not anyone else can easily perceive them.

And notice, the title of this card today is not just “Material Prosperity,” but Material and SPIRITUAL prosperity. There is a significant difference.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how wealthy/poor, blessed/cursed or privileged/downtrodden you consider yourself, somebody somewhere is envious of your position, such that it is.  What do you do with that?

You could strike out, or use it as justification for feeling superior. But that’s not much of a way to accumulate spiritual prosperity, huh? That certainly doesn’t spur any kind of gain or growth for you.

I say, use it. Use EVERY single experience, to learn, to make yourself better. Otherwise, what’s the point? If someone shows you behavior that’s ugly, it’s a bad example, vicarious learning. If someone attacks you successfully, they’ve pointed out a weakness. If someone envies you, it shows where you have achieved. Transform every negative vibration into something positive as much as possible.

If somebody throws a brick at you, once you’re done bleeding, you still have the brick. People called me weird. Now I’ve made a career out of it! Trivial example, but the principle holds. For less trivial examples, these kind of experiences deepen your character in ways book-learning cannot.

I’m not saying this is always straightforward or easy, but I do believe there is no suffering devoid of a spiritual growth opportunity, even if it’s but the development of deeper compassion.

Have you been able to build from the bricks thrown at you?

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Psychic Tarot Oracle, Six of Pentacles

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