March 17

6 of Pentacles Rx: Still, Old News


Good Lord almighty.

I pull these cards for the forecast–a near-exact repeat from last week no less, and I wonder if they are for me or for you.

I re-read that column repeatedly throughout last week in an effort to stay in my own lane. But I’m not just doing this gig for myself, so I sure hope it’s helpful to you as well!

The repetition in energy is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I woke up today, again, stewing over a situation that is about as likely to change as the sun coming up in the morning. When I can’t shake something like this, I know deep down relief will only come from a perspective shift.

But let’s be real, pivoting can feel like trying to turn a cruise ship with a rowboat oar. It’s a lot easier said than done.

If you’ve felt similarly stuck, take some comfort in knowing you’re in good company. I’m right there with you, and together, we’ll ride this wave. With a little help from the cards, for sure!

Next Week in the Cards

If I hadn’t done slung these cards myself, I could be forgiven for wondering if they’d been shuffled. But yeah, I shuffled.

Cards say what they wanna say, regardless.

We’ve got the Six of Pentacles reversed again for our outlook. Seems we’re still navigating a vibe where generosity’s in short supply. And the advice? The Ace of Swords reversed is back, telling us once more to keep our words in check.

Here’s the kicker though: the Page of Cups reversed has jumped into the mix. Deck is the always sassy (and sometimes annoyingly persistent) Housewives Tarot.

That Page of Cups suggests we know our feelings–and know them well, to understand what they are telling us. Because if we’re feeling more than a situation warrants, it’s a sign.

We’re not just reacting to the now; we’re resonating with a then—a past hurt that’s turning up the volume. We’ve tapped into a deeper vein here and that’s where the extra oomph comes from.


So what do we do with this?

For me, I’ll be tackling next week with same plan of self-care and creative indulgence (hello, artwork!), plus digging right into that million and two energy-draining to-do’s before they grow fangs and suck the energy right out of my life. That’s concrete and very achievable, with or without a case of the feels.

I’m also going to remain aware of the “why” behind all those intense feels. I suspect doing so may well help with that whole pivoting issue. If I know my reactions aren’t all about the now, I am better positions to moderate my reactions to fit into the now. You know?

So yeah, I’m holding the course here. Are you with me? Any old stories are your feelings trying to rewrite?

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