July 12

07/12/12: Dream Reincarnation | 6 of Cups, Empress


Even from a very young age, I felt destined to be a writer. I mentioned in my newsletter, I started writing my autobiography in the third grade. I decided to hold off, though, because I thought it wise to wait and see how some of this “life thing” turned out. It’s taken several decades for me to get to the point where my writing supports me (and I certainly never expected to be writing about the woo-woo!), but the essence of serving through the written word being what I am supposed to be doing is exactly the same now as it was back then. How amazing is that?


What a beautiful combination from the Osho Zen! We’ve got the Six of Cups/Water, here with the Empress, named The Dream and Creativity.

Let your nostalgic visions not lead to you to feel disappointed over what you’ve not gotten. Instead, access the passion, the love, the DREAMS you’ve had and USE that energy to fuel what you’d like to create now. The essence is always what we’re looking for, the feeling tone, not the specific form we may have once expected. This keeps you from limiting yourself to a single expression of your dreams and opens up the possibility for so much more.

Do you see the strands of your earlier dreams in what you create now? Can you incorporate them?

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Osho Zen, Six of Cups, The Empress

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  1. Dixie, you are a pistol! “I decided to hold off, though, because I thought it wise to wait and see how some of this “life thing” turned out.” So funny, and so smart.

    Yes, I can see a connection to that little child I was so long ago. I was a woo-woo kid and here I am writing about it, too. Exploring my intuition more these days and getting back in touch with that weird little girl I used to be and still am.

  2. I feel everyone has something to do on this planet. We are naturally drawn to tarot because the cards are a link to our inner being. This is my view. I have done many readings and am amazed what appears on the deck for the person.

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