February 9

02/10/14: Whose Fight? / 5 of Wands Rx


5 of Wands Rx

Well, Hell. A reversed Five of Wands paired with “Disappointment” suggests a letdown over somebody not putting their all into a conflict situation.

Is it you in battle? If so, you can take this as indication that “less than best” efforts may leave a bitter taste of regret after the fact. If you’re hoping for someone to take up arms on your behalf…well, don’t count on it, okay? Be ready to pick up the slack yourself.

This isn’t exactly a cheery forecast, but it’s potentially useful, and I’ll take that over cheery anywho.

In short: give any conflict you’re involved in exactly as much energy and attention as it deserves. Make sure you’re not disappointed in yourself later for not trying hard enough. Do not hold out for a bailout, rather taking the lead in protecting your own interests. No one else has as much stake in your life as you do.

Or maybe you’ll just be an outside observer. I hope so! If you see someone else not fighting as hard as you would expect, rather than getting caught up in disappointment, understand each has individual motivations, needs and demands. If it’s not your battle, might be good to let it go. If it is your battle, the be prepared to fully participate.

Can you identify this dynamic in or around your life?

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  1. “Can you identify this dynamic in or around your life?” Are you F***ING kidding me? This IS my life right now lol.

    Very wise words and something that NEEDS to be learned.

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