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04/02/13: Keeping Your Own Counsel in the Fight / rev 5 of Wands



Yep, it’s there. The tension is in the air, but nobody’s acknowledging it. I’m seeing gritted teeth and slightly forced smiles. Not that is right or wrong, really. I mean, seriously. There are times to lay it all on the table, and times to hold your own counsel, you know? I’m a Scorpio Mars; I fully understand the benefit of not over-sharing.

The light from my flash that shows up atop this picture strikes me as reminiscent of the Sun. Because of that, I want to say that good will come out of conflict, although it’s not yet manifested. Also, being reversed, it’s easy for these wands the fellows are fighting with to just fall away…and hence cease to be an issue. Ammunition for fights can disappear if you give it a little time.

The conflict itself seems like it will shortly become a moot point. Certain words said in the heat of the moment cannot be erased.  Best to keep some things to yourself right now and let this play out lest you deliver blows that could not easily heal.The clearing that comes with the new day will do a lot more good than anything you could come up with now. Trust and wait.

Are you feeling an under-the-surface heat source?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Five of Wands, Radiant Rider Waite

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  1. Good Lord woman you never cease to amaze me at what you pull and how it’s manifesting in my life!

    Hubby is out of town right now and called me early this morning with a revelation. He’s woken up and he’s ready for battle. However, how to do this properly without causing more conflict or showing your hand, i.e. “keeping your own counsel in the fight”!!

    GREAT advice as usual!!

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