December 31

5 of Wands Rx: The Energetic Sweep & Decluttering Your Life


I’ve recently started cleaning out closets. I have no idea why it takes me months to mentally prepare for a task that, once started, only takes a couple of hours. But it does.

For me, there are very practical reasons to clean: I live in a tiny place. It’s overcrowded. It impacts my quality of life to cram clothes in a closet full of stuff I can’t wear or won’t use.

But other things are moving on as well. The rainbow bear I once gave to my dad in the nursing home is among them. It doesn’t bring me comfort; rather, it’s drenched in the sadness of being so far from him during his final days. Given his Alzheimer’s, I’m uncertain if he even recognized it was from me or comprehended who I was, much less if it provided any solace. Now, I’m ready to let it go, to let it bring joy to someone else. This is the transformation I’m seeking: turning a symbol of sadness into a potential source of happiness for another.

I never assume there isn’t an energetic as well as practical reason for my decisions. Because I look at the world like that. That’s the thing about cleaning: you’re not just getting rid of clutter. You’re getting rid of the ENERGY attached to the clutter. That’s a much different proposition. And maybe it’s part of the reason it takes me so long to contemplate cleaning. But I needn’t contemplate quite so much: I’ve never once regretted releasing that stale energy.

It’s time for us all to clear out some (energetic) cobwebs this coming week. And I’ll tell you right now, you’ll feel a whole lot lighter and more optimistic when you’re done.

Next Week in the Cards

Outcook is reversed Five of Wands. Advice is Six of Cups. Deck is Legacy of the Divine.

Conflict is slowly, gradually being resolved. (Mercury and friends are going direct, y’all.) The sky is shifting. Movement is afoot!

Now, for this particular rendition of the Five of Wands, I always try to consider the potential role of internal conflict. Each of these combatants is emerging from the same tree trunk, symbolizing a tangle of aspirations rooted in shared desires. You may have the same goals as those you are struggling with, or it could be more of an internal struggle than external, whether or not you’re aware of such. So just know that. It could be helpful in dialing things back.

Regardless, however, I’m expecting at least some sense of release this week. Conflict is beginning to abate, at least on an interpersonal level. The ill-fitting can be cast off easily now.

And we’d be well-advised NOT to make things more complicated than they need to be. A pure vision, some might even say naive, just uncomplicated dreaming is just fine. In fact, it’s better than “fine.” It’s a good foundation on which to build.

In short, it’s a great week to simplify. We may be moved to clean out closets, delete old email, cancel plans, change courses or otherwise step back from anything that adds stress or confusion to our lives. It will be easy enough to do now. I encourage you to take this opportunity to finish your cleaning here, be it literal or metaphorical, in readiness for what’s on the horizon.

And acting on the Six of Cups advice, what about finding one item in your travels that brings you joy, no strings attached, and putting it where you’ll see it regularly? This can represent the foundation you’re building right now.

Here’s to 2024: may your closets be more spacious and your vibes shinier than ever!

Now, over to you: What’s in your energetic ‘closet’ that’s begging to be aired out?

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Five of Wands, Legacy of the Divine, Six of Cups

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