September 23

5 of Swords: Tug of War


Feeling that squeeze of being in the middle? Trying to negotiate between very different (but perhaps all understandable) points of view?  Maybe your own views don’t match anyone else’s. It’s so uncomfortable! Even when people have the same general priorities, they often have very different ideas of how to execute them.

This next week may be like that.

So, okay. It is what it is. The cards have a little advice to get through while still feeling like you’re making some progress.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Five of Swords. Advice is the Three of Wands. Deck is Housewives Tarot.

This coming week may not be completely smooth for most of us–there are many details to be hammered out. There may be competitiveness, crankiness and a general “getting one’s way at whatever the cost” attitude out in the wild.

This rendition always makes me think “wrestling with loose ends.” Problem is, sometimes there are differing opinions about what should be done with those ends. Nonetheless, you need to deal with the details or things will become unraveled. Expect others to be in the process of sorting out the details, too.

For our parts though, we need to get ready regardless. That doesn’t mean obsessing and stressing the details we don’t have pinned down. It means doing what we know will need to be done now. Some things we CAN do, even if a lot is still up in the air.  Everything we do now can make later easier and smoother. We can clean the house even if we don’t know exactly when company is coming.

Doing what you can, now, with the mindset of making things easier, later, is also a way to feel forward motion before all those threads get tied up. Even with some stand-offs or stressors, there are things you can do regardless. And aren’t you ready for the feeling of some forward motion?

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Five of Swords, Housewives Tarot, Three of Wands

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