December 15

12/16/13: Tears and Naps / 5 of Cups


Five of CupsOh man…it’s the Five of Cups! Somebody’s crying in their beer today. Or crying over spilt beer, maybe.

It is what is it, you know? We win some, we lose some. Today, it’s about losing some. It’s okay to feel the pain. It’s okay to be sad. Release whatever tears need to be let go.

And then clean up that mess best you can and consider taking a nap Tears are healing, but so are naps!

You feeling this? (Dixie asks, flinching.)

Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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Steampunk Tarot

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  1. Ok, I have to tell you what happened yesterday.

    I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to read this until now. But it goes to show how YOU always know, goddess with cute pink hair.

    When I picked up my son he was almost in tears after school, and he said he had a terrible day, and told me all the stuff that happened. And yes, it was rough. Unfortunately we had to do a couple errands before I could bring him home/dixiblog/domains/ for some pep talk and comforting. But then as we were driving he fell asleep in the car.

    I didn’t want to wake him up, because he was really in a deep sleep, so I figured he must need it with all the pressures of school.

    So I found a quiet place to just park it, put the heater on, and we stayed there in the midst of a beautiful snow falling all around. I fell asleep too. An hour and a half later… we woke up feeling more peaceful, and went to get a treat.

    1. Oh my gosh, what a story, sofie! And what a perfect reflection of what we were looking at for the day. How do you do that?!? I’m glad the nap helped. ♥

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