October 5

10/06/13: “That One Guy…” / 4 of Wands Rx



Don’t send the invitations out yet, if you’re seeing the reversed Four of Wands! Because something about the partnership, venue or agenda is not sewn up yet. Often referred to as “the wedding card” (the more traditional RWS version shows formal event preparations), this card can speak to weddings, celebratory events, or rites of passage. I sometimes even get it referring to a more psychological concept of safe haven, a place of rest and respite. Tarot fours are stable structures in whatever context.

Think incomplete here. Like the acquaintance that you feel “more or less” at home with, or the party where you like the majority of the people attending, this sense of solid, safe union isn’t utterly absent and may well develop over time. It’s just not quite there yet. Sort of like you dig  most of the inlaws, except, “Eh, not to sure about that one guy.”

That’s okay. Doesn’t mean “that one guy” is a dick. He may be a peach of a fellow. Just keep your eye on him, because you don’t know yet!

Consider this a coming together being underway, but still with reservations.

Can you relate?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Four of Wands, Legacy of the Divine

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