January 8

Four of Swords: In the Now, Getting Ready for the Then


Can you feel the present cross-referencing the past? It feels super retrogrady to me. I found myself laminating old family pictures. Literal astrology is literal and all.


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I’m pretty well settled in my new place now. So glad to be moved. So much less stress than the lead up or the process. I’m happy.

This place is quirky. There are a million and one little projects, each calling out for a little love to make things a little nicer. I’ve been enjoying our progress, but at times, it’s tempting to focus more on what you haven’t yet done than enjoying the in-the-moment progress. Not a good trade.

I’ve taken to reminding myself, “Marathon. Not sprint.” We’re looking at progress, not perfection. Incremental improvements. Fine-tuning.

Appreciating where we are, while looking forward to more. That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing over the next week.

Next Week in the Cards

Our outlook is “Postponement,” better known around here as the Four of Swords. Advice is reversed “Success,” the Six of Wands in traditional decks.  

(Pictured cards from the outrageously imaginative Osho Zen Tarot–Osho was a bit of a character, to put it mildly. But the deck is awesome.)

Things are where they are. The world is not yet as you’ve visioned, although you’ve made progress. When you at a pause–and make no mistake, that’s exactly what this is–take that as an opportunity. It is, after all.

This is a very stable energy. I think of it as “safe to exhale.” There is time, for integrating, resting, self-care, tweaking, refining, and just letting some of what we’ve started take shape.

Likewise, even the reversed appearance of “Success” is rightly understood as encouragement; it’s not yet done, but it’s well on its way. Don’t push for the win today. Allow yourself to close in instead, by being mindful in the present.

Also look for the shadows and smells of success to be taking shape around you now. Seek it out, like you’re making a mental–or more aptly, emotional–case. The Universe will drop hints for you, if you’re keyed in enough to notice.

Don’t decry the need to pause. Appreciate it as appropriate and necessary for your vision to take shape. It is, you know.

Take good care of yourselves out there, friends!

p.s. I think this will be the last call for the 2022 Zodiac Look-ahead readings this year. I pull cards for every house of the Zodiac wheel, talk about what it all means, and shoot you an mp3 you can keep and an email with a full transcript. Some of my people have made it an annual tradition and they tell me they refer back to it all year. It’s very gratifying to know they’ve been helpful.

If you want a personal 2022 Zodiac Look-Ahead, go here and select the “Half Session” option ($50) and I’ll totally get you hooked up.


Wishing you a blessed, prosperous and meaningful 2022!

I’m rooting for you. And I’m going to do my darnedest to have the same.


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