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07/05/12: Unsung Expertise | 4 of Pentacles



I have an almost invisible style of learning, at least to me. I will find myself getting interested in a subject, study it intensely over a period of time, all the while considering myself a beginner. But over time, it subconsciously synthesizes under the surface until one day, I start talking and realize, I know a whole lot more than I thought I did! It’s like traveling from neophyte to accomplished in your sleep. There’s something magic about it.

Today, we’ve got the Four of Pentacles (aka “Firm Foundation”) from the Psychic Tarot Oracle. In this very pretty deck’s ever-so-annoying quirk, the red borders indicate we’re in the physical or Earth element, and you can just ignore the red triangle that’s usually symbolic of the Fire element, m’kay? /End Virgo fuss at lack of standardization.

And in this deck’s style, this is a very “soft” interpretation of the Four of Pentacles, which is often read as fear or lack of generosity. Often, there is an air of hoarding with this card as well as stability. Here, though, the stability angle is emphasized, a rock-solid foundation from which to operate.

Regardless, though, the Four of Pentacles IS a stable energy, much like four legs on a table. So despite the sometimes negative connotations, this is a pretty solid place to be, all told.

Today, take stock of your expertise. Maybe you just know enough to know what you don’t know—that in an of itself put you light years ahead of many! But if you actually pull back and take a gander, I’m betting you’ll realize you are a lot better versed in something than you would have initially though.

Give yourself credit for what you’ve learned, and appreciate both your own efforts getting there and the good feelings that come from a solid competence. You’ve earned it.

Can you think of an area where you take your expertise for granted?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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Four of Pentacles, Psychic Tarot Oracle

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  1. I am a good one for putting myself in the “beginners” category after intensive study of a subject. It’s been well over five years since I started doing reiki, and I am a reiki master and I still consider myself to be “new”!

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