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05/23/12: What reality are you marrying? | 4 of Wands



Everybody knows, the Four of Wands is “the wedding card.” You see it for  literal marriage, celebrations and big events. But cards say what they want to say, how they want to say it.

Once, I got this card along with the Queen of Cups, who was frequently appearing as to me as a counselor around that time. So I asked, “Are you  marriage counselor?”

I was stunned to learn she worked Hospice. I wasn’t expecting it! But come to think of it, death is a pretty darned big event, too. And depending perspective, maybe something to celebrate.

In the Legacy of the Divine deck, this card is shown as an outdoor retreat. After running across it, I started getting it to for the idea of a safe harbor, too. The Tarot fours are about stability, and the sense of a peaceful retreat from the artwork.

The New Vision Tarot kind of screams, “the other side of the story.” What reality, what vision, myth, story or explanation for your world have you married? This filter is the other side of the story, the comfortable chair you settle into at the end of the day from which you view the world.

Does it serve you? Is it a happy union, one that still fits who you are? Is it comfortable and safe?

The story you tell yourself, the feelings that live deep inside your heart, the version of truth you initial to live with—this is what you commit to live. If you don’t like it, cancel the wedding! Break up and find you a better companion.

Are you feeling married to any unpleasant realities?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Four of Wands, New Vision Tarot

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  1. I get this card a lot and I have a very hard time being objective enough in interpreting it for myself. Sometimes I can read for myself, others not. Since I’d like to find love soon, anything in connection to that area of my life is very difficult for me to read.

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