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04/15/13: Perspective of Lack / 4 of Cups



This Four of Cups is bluer than most (blue skin is a notable quirk of the Cosmic Tarot deck)—and the young man here is even more inattentive than most Four of Cups residents. He isn’t paying the least bit of attention to even one of the cups before him, nor does he seem aware of the lush fields, the lovely horse, the fruit and wine, or the stately castle off in the distance. He pines and suffers in his own world.

To some extent, it’s human nature to complain, to ignore the 100 compliments in favor of the single criticism, to worry and brood. But does it help? Does it add anything to you existence? Does it solve a problem or improve a life or get you any closer to anything worth having? This is a perspective of lack. Directing attention to the positive doesn’t alter the objective reality, but it sure alters the experience!

In the Tarot flow, I find it interesting that the dissatisfaction of the Four of Cups comes and before the loss of the Five of Cups. In the Four, we aren’t recognizing what we have. In the Five, we’re only seeing losses. Both involve selective attention. The sense of a balanced give-and-take returns in the Six, with the theme of trust and childhood nostalgia—a time where, for most of us, we worried little about things working out as they should.

He sees life with blinders focused on what’s not there. Were he to look up, he’d see an awful lot that IS there. I’ll cop, I’ve been there. But today, I’m doing my best not to be.

Can you relate to the Four of Cups guy?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, Four of Cups

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