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01/11/14: Bite of the Choice / 3 of Swords, 3rd Eye


3 of Swords

I’m never delighted to see the Three of Swords, although the Psychic Tarot Oracle is more diplomatic than most. The Chakra card turned up first, so I included it in the draw. This combo caught my attention especially, since it came up in one of those Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead readings I did last month.

These cards could easily be read as inability to “see” psychically (possibly related to overwhelming personal pain or heartbreak). But I’m reading it today as the losses that sometimes accompany following your inner sight.

I usually talk about the gains of living in the flow. I’m an advocate, after all. But don’t think for a minute there is not a cost! While I would vehemently argue living authentically is 100% worth it every minute of every day, it’s not the choice I have always made. At times, I didn’t feel I could afford it, financially or emotionally. That’s not morally wrong or right so much as a plain fact.

You don’t think people consider me crazy? Putting aside the whole “48 year-old woman with pink hair, who thinks brightly-colored fuzzy pants are a fashion statement” thing…well, yeah. Yeah. A LOT of people think I’m crazy. Some of that lot are among the people that love me. That knowledge has bite right there.

But then again, knowing you’re not free to be who you really are has a bite as well.

Whether you opt to live your live fully in accordance with your inner guidance, partially, or not at all, there is a sense of loss associated with each of these decisions. With every choice made, alternatives must be discarded. This is the way of life, y’all.

Are you feeling the bite of choosing?

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  1. People thought I was nuts before I came out of the closet. LOL. But, you are absolutely right..it never feels good to not be accepted whether you are faking it or being true to yourself.
    I think the worst thing is to be degraded over it. Sized up as incompetent. Well…and there’s other stuff too.
    Definitely an interesting combination of cards there. For sure.

  2. Ditto. I’m in a place right now, where I’m accepted by some – really good people – and have been degraded by those I thought loved me the most. It doesn’t exactly lend itself to good mental health, but I’m still here. I’ve also experienced viciousness from people who claim to be all about the love, so I just take people as they come. They can look down on me if they choose to, but it doesn’t make them right.

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