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04/11/14: Surprising Mixed Feelings / 3 of Pentacles Rx


3 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Do you harbor a secret desire to see the work of the planning committee go down the tubes? Maybe the desire is that you haven’t even noticed? Because “Unconscious Desires” paired with the reversed Three of Pentacles suggests something along those lines. It’s unknowingly hoping plans do not come to fruition.

My advice for coping? Try to make the unconscious conscious. When you don’t know why you are feeling as you are, it can make for colossal confusion. Much better to understand where YOU are coming from before trying to figure out where everybody else is coming from.

Look within to see what you’re really rooting for, deep down inside. If you find yourself secretly relieved when plans get cancelled, hoping the planning committee fails, and especially if you’re surprised by these feelings, there is something deeper.

Don’t get personal, ego-related concerns mixed up with the bigger picture. I’m not saying don’t HAVE them. Hello, being a human being! I’m just saying know what you’re rooting for, and why.

Are you being surprised by mixed feelings?

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