August 20

3 of Wands Rx: Buzzy Weather


I’ve been feeling kind of buzzy lately. Souped up and a bit too loud energy.

I blame Uranus, somehow. I usually do!

And this week’s forecast is kind of buzzy, too.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is Three of Wands; advice, The Fool. Both arrived reversed, damnit. Deck is Housewives Tarot.

I’ve had a slew of Three of Wands visits, reversed, reversed, reversed. All reversed! I guess that should be expected in”retrogradey” Astro-weather. But still.

I like the juxtaposition of these cards. The Fool wants it all. It’s a hungry energy–experience, knowledge, understanding, fulfillment. This Three of Wands had done it all and she’s ready to enjoy the results.

It’s coming in, culminations, resolutions, but not as expected. Have I been harping on this point a few weeks? It feels like it.

Don’t get me wrong–energy is moving. The ships are arriving. But things may not look like we thought; the ships may be coming in from unexpected directions. It sounds potentially frustrating or anxiety-provoking, if you want to know the truth. But it doesn’t have to be.

The reversed Fool as advice – our job is to reel ourselves in. You sit back and don’t get too wound up about what will or won’t be. Trust the process of becoming, even when you don’t know what it looks like. You develop a ready-for-anything attitude, and you don’t get all worked up about problems you don’t have. We’re rolling with the flow here. That helps keep us from feeling overwhelmed.

Stay centered. Step back when it feels like too much and breathe.

But the good news: It’s already coming. It’s in the process of arriving, not just beginning to form. So, you just have to be flexible enough to let it show up in whatever weird-ass way it happens t0 show up. Because it very well might be a strange journey. That’s okay. Kind of has to be, doesn’t it?

The thing to realize here is that situations ARE pulling together and taking form. You just have to breathe and ride it as it comes, okay? Breathe.

Never bad advice, that breathing. Har!

We’re getting there. Be kind to yourself for the journey. It helps.

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  1. Trust the process of becoming, and the good thing it's on its way although the direction might be unpredictable. OK, let's see what happens. I watched my ships sail a while ago… Let's see what they bring when they come back, even if from the opposite direction

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