August 24

08/24/12: On the Mend from Heartbreak | 3 Swords, rev Strength



Sometimes, when I draw a card for the Everyday Tarot, I’ll pull a second, to get something on managing the energy of the first. That’s what I did here.

3_of_SwordsThe Three of Swords is a painful card—much like the Five of Cups, there’s a sense of loss. But with the Three of Swords, pain is result of a separation, often quite sudden and never optional. It’s sometimes called “the broken heart” card, traditionally, it’s depicted as a heart with 3 swords impaling it. Here, it makes a very interesting pair with reversed Strength. A bit of an unlikely combination.

If you’re hurting, if you’re feeling the stab of loss, you don’t always need to be strong and unwavering. It’s okay to feel the pain there is to feel. Acknowledging uncertainty, sadness, and the ever-unpopular “How did I wind up here?” may have something to tell you. At the very least, it’s part of the healing so long as you don’t linger unproductively.

One thing I always find encouraging with the Three of Swords? The pain has  hit it’s apex. There’s no mistaking where you stand with this card, nor are there illusions about getting back what’s been lost. It sucks. But the realization itself was the worst of it, and from here, gradually, you’ll find your strength and vigor returning. There’s your bright spot: being on the mend.

Are you on the mend from a loss?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, Strength, Three of Swords

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