February 25

3 of Cups and Reversed King of Swords: Crossroads of Conformity


I grew up in an apocalyptic faith that preached isolation from the outside world. We mingled just enough to function in modern society and scout for potential converts. But when it came to considering ‘friends,’ the circle was tightly drawn around those within the fold.

This setup was a masterstroke for ensuring conformity. The community acted as a sort of social watchdog, keeping everyone in line.

Did you deviate from the norm or dare to question just a little too much? Congratulations, you’ve just volunteered yourself as a cautionary tale. Stepping too far out of line without groveling back in repentance? That’s a one-way ticket to Shunsville.

For me, earning the right to think independently came at a steep price. I learned the art of navigating group dynamics from the fringes—observing, participating, but never fully belonging, regardless of which side of the pew I found myself on.

Have you been an outsider, too? Because skillsets learned as an outsider will likely be useful next week, according to the Tarot forecast.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Three of Cups. Advice is reversed King of Swords, teamed up with reversed Judgement. (Radiant Rider-Waite mini deck.)

As we head into next week, expect the formation of tight-knit groups. It’s easy to get swept up in collective enthusiasm, but the cards advise caution. Let unfolding facts, the natural progression of events, and most crucially, your own intuition guide you.

The forecast brings the Three of Cups into focus, signaling a time when people naturally gravitate toward those who share their views and reinforce each other’s perspectives. The communal vibe is a mixed bag, offering a taste of both the good and the possibly misguided.

The advice for next week is embodied in the King of Swords reversed, paired with a reversed Judgement card. The message is clear: “Hold off on passing judgment.” Our vantage point isn’t high enough, nor the situation mature enough, to yield an informed decision.

Sure, enjoy any festivities and relish the camaraderie that comes naturally. There’s no harm in enjoying a collective buzz or indulging in a bit of daydreaming about what might be.

However, when it comes to concrete decisions or actions, hit the brakes. More insights are on the horizon, and they’re crucial for the best outcome. The phrase “we’ll see” would be a very useful tool to employ throughout the week.

This week’s guiding principle? Consensus isn’t always correct, and what works for the group might be utterly wrong for you.

Your sense of integrity, rightness, and truth is far more important than what other people think—even those ‘other people’ you care a lot about. It’s YOUR journey.

So, by all means, soak up the joy of connection. Sketch out rough plans to your heart’s content. But in terms of action—wait. Patience now will pay off with deeper insights and more aligned decisions later. The most important thing is your inner voice and sense of truth. Let everything else follow from that.

Do you see this playing out around you?

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Judgement, King of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite, Three of Cups

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