February 22

02/23/13: Mission Not Impossible! / 3 of Hazards


“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” -Proverb


Okay. So the Three of Hazards doesn’t look like your standard Three of Pentacles. I’ll give you that. But you’ve got to hand it to this family, for solid planning. Dad’s trained the zombified Uncle Dave to fetch!

(Don’t ask me how I know it’s Uncle Dave. Who else but an Uncle Dave would wear that shirt?)

There’s no doubt it took a while to get from there to here. You know? It took consideration. It took planning. It took work to achieve a housebroken, well-mannered zombie pet who doesn’t try to munch on your frontal lobe for lunch.

It’s not impossible, whatever it is you need to do. Okay? Just break it down, list it out, take it one bit at a time. And before you know it, you’ll have it all under control. You’ll have your own zombies—er, ah, fears—conquered and well-behaved.

You don’t need to know HOW you’re going to do it all. You only need to know how to get a tiny bit closer to where you want to be. A single step, a little better, a tiny bit of improvement is all that’s required right now. That’s all you need to figure out in this moment.

Then, do it!

And look for the next tiny bit.

By the time you add them all up, the total effect is impressive. Your fears will eventually come serve you, by giving you additional confidence for having mastered them.

You have a choice. You can ATTRACT your fears. Or you can ATTACK your fears. Which will it be?

How do you attack your fears?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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