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03/03/13: All your Mothers / 2 of Waves



You’ve gotta laugh at the cards. Case in point: I’ve been talking about the recurring appearances of the Lovers lately. I just now realized as I sat down to write the column up, this is the “Two of Waves” from the Zodiac Tarot, same as the Two of Cups, which is, Ta Da! A lesser version of the Lovers card. And again, we’re inverted.

This version shows Mama smiling outside the motor home. And you just know, wherever the family is at, it’s her smile that makes it “home.” Mama (Cancer) is beautiful (Venus).

home is not the walls you live within or the furnishings you stick between those walls. A home is made from the people who live there and the love they bring. Even if you live alone! (Maybe especially if you live alone.) Otherwise, it’s just a box with a door, man.

But let’s extend the metaphor a bit. Maybe your real-life Mama isn’t around or leaves something to be desired.Do you have someone else in your life who feeds you, cherishes you, who cheers on? That person may not have given birth to you, but there is some mothering going down regardless. (Bonus hint: That person can be YOU. And sometimes, should be you.)

Seeing this card inverted, I think there may be some lack in the acknowledgement department.

For God’s sakes, appreciate the people who support you, be it in body, mind or spirit! Don’t take their goodness for granted. Don’t nitpick inconsequential flaws. Such support is more precious than gold. Repay it with kindness or even better, offer some to others. If you’re well fed, share a meal with someone who is hungry.

Do you mother or get mothered?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. The interesting thing the cards have been inverted; however, due to all the love I receive (& mothering from many sources) I’m able to see how to turn them upright.

    Great card again today, it’s like you’re confirming what’s going on in my life.

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