January 21

01/22/13: Rise Above for Power | 2 of Fire


2-wands-osho-zen-fireWhat a nice follow-up to Death, don’t you think? This is a great reminder of the point of all that transformational energy. Once the landscape has been cleared, the possibilities are endless. But this card gives us specific advice on how to realize those possibilities.

I especially love this Eagle from the Osho Zen—he has perspective precisely because he flies so high above the hubbub. Tarot twos often indicate conflict, or at the very least, a polarity. Mixed feelings are common when you see a two. Here, though, we don’t’ have that. You get the beauty of the eagle approach? He transcends conflict  not by denying it, but by rising above to see the whole picture in it’s full glory.

Be open-minded now. Consider others’ viewpoints without the need to lock yourself in to a singular perspective, one version of reality. We’re talking “plural” as an antidote. A mixing of approaches, a glorious compromise, or just a good understanding of all sides of an argument is particularly powerful right now.

How can you pull back, rise above, branch out, or broaden your perspective now? That will net you both understanding and results. As a perk, it’s hard to be upset with others when you are flying up so high, understanding where they are coming from (even when you don’t agree). It’s a land of beautiful opportunities.

Does this method work for you?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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Osho Zen, Two of Wands

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