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01/20/13: Let that Tree Grow | 2 of Wands


2-wandsOkay, this card completely made me laugh. In traditional parlance, it’s the Two of Wands, but here, it’s “The Waiting Game.”

I was chatting with a friend earlier. And I have watched this woman GROW. She did a massive amount of work, and every bit of it paid in spades: she went from living a small, scared life that was essentially held together by utterly unwarranted optimism to living out LOUD, taking calculated, inspired risks and learning to value herself in a way I doubt she ever has before. And she did it fast!

I’m beyond thrilled. It has been a stunning transformation to behold. So I’m always glad for her status updates. When she told me things were currently a mixed bag, I asked why…

It’s because she doesn’t have everything she wants yet!

Sort of like an oppressed class of people are unlikely to revolt until things start to get a little better—it’s the reality sinking in, dreams actually seem possible and once that happens, people are anxious to get there, willing to fight for it.

Do you see the humor?

Thing I notice about this card…yes, we’re talking about a wait. The cycles of time are clearly in effect and the figure on the card is walking through the ripples of time. He’s impacted.

But oh, those roots! They are healthy and strong under the surface, even if the tree itself hasn’t matured into it’s full glory.

Just to look at the outward manifestations, you may think the tree is very, very far away from growing into it’s potential. But because those roots have been so well developed, the opposite is actually true. It will flourish all that much more in it’s due time because it’s adequately prepared for growing.

If the tree’s reach had outpaced the root system, it would not have survived. But because the root system grows first and the tree grows to match it, just a little behind, the inner, below-the-surface feeds the outer, readily visible.

Maybe there is a wait. But I am seeing everything exactly as it should be. You are supported.

How are the roots systems in your life doing?

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  1. They need more watering and sunshine.

    Good to hear about your friend. I’ve been wondering if I should just go ahead and make a big change, and hope that things fall into place. I’ve been too careful in the past, but I don’t know that I could deal with the fall-out if it didn’t work out.

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