February 5

2 of Wands and 7 of Pentacles Rx: Finding Your Guiding Star


Do you have a tendency to overcomplicate things? Welcome to my world. With so much Virgo, it’s practically tattooed on my forehead; ‘Overcomplicate’ might as well be my spirit animal.

Worse, I’ve been stuck in a mental loop for a good week or two now. A (justifiably) angry mental loop, no less. It’s unusual for me not to budge, as I’m usually pretty adept at melting away frustration (courtesy of Mars/Neptune action).

But not this time. You could say I was “triggered,” even.

I HATE being triggered.

But here’s the epiphany that freed me—after I got tired of my own mental theatrics, I realized I was trying to play chess without seeing the board. I was lost in the sauce of “what-ifs” and “then-whats.”

“What am I hoping to accomplish here?” My Tarot clients may recognize this question. And yes, I take my own medicine. I needed to reground myself, align with somewhere to go other than in circles. That question helps.

This next week, we may be well advised to look for guiding principles and healthy boundaries. The cards suggest how.

Next Week in the Cards

I pulled two cards for each position. The outlook is the Two of Wands and Seven of Pentacles, all reversed. The advice is the reversed Page of Cups and reversed Five of Wands, also reversed. From the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck.


The Two of Wands reversed suggests a sense of restlessness or blocked energy when it comes to planning for the future. Coupled with the Seven of Pentacles reversed, there may be frustration over delayed rewards, feeling your investments aren’t panning out as expected. The vibe is “constrained choices” and a hefty dose of “this isn’t what I signed up for.”

Words like ‘deserving’ or ‘fair’ may well be triggering—or am I projecting? Feeling like karma missed your address? Join the club. We’re serving tea tonight; existential dread is optional.

The Page of Cups reversed can imply emotional immaturity or the need to listen to your intuition more closely, but without getting swept away by the emotions. There may even be a childlike element to your reactions. The Five of Wands reversed suggests this may be a time to choose your battles wisely or to seek resolution rather than victory.

But here’s the kicker: let those feelings do their dance (spoiler alert: they will regardless) and then let them go! Turn back to your mission, your guiding principle. Listen to your heart, but don’t let your heart start drunk-dialing the ex.

Now, avoiding conflict doesn’t mean you turn into a doormat. Stand your ground, sure, but do it with style—boundaries are the new black. Hint: we don’t need to micromanage reactions to our boundaries. Our job is merely to be clear on what those boundaries are. Clear, not fuzzy.

In truth, setting and maintaining boundaries is actually far more likely to minimize conflict than doing without. Boundaries save your sanity and make maintaining relationships possible.

And now, for the secret ingredient: forget other people’s nonsense. Their opinions? Irrelevant. Their actions? Not your circus, not your monkeys. And their utterly baffling, off-the-charts pure wrongness? Not your religion. You don’t need to testify at that service.

In the grand cosmic battle between being right and being happy, pick happiness. It’s less exhausting and way more fun.

One of my most useful guiding principles is to lead with love, and that’s the one I called upon here. I can love with boundaries. I can love without controlling. More than anything, though, I can LOVE while not controlling anybody else and without compromising who I really am. Instant relief.

While the immediate future could feel a bit like a cosmic traffic jam, keep the emotional GPS tuned to the frequency of love, including self-love. It’s not about denying feelings but about navigating them with wisdom and boundaries. Keep that emotional integrity as your North Star, and the rest should follow.

So, know what you’re trying to accomplish. And as you ponder the path before you, ask yourself: “What is my guiding principle and how can I honor it?”

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Five of Wands, Legacy of the Divine, Page of Cups, Seven of Pentacles, Two of Wands

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