March 25

2 of Pentacles: Unpacking to Move


Where are you at as compared to where you want to be? Things might be changing very quickly here.

There’s a significant amount of energetic motion right now—I’m picturing elliptical levels of energy. With the eclipse cycle in full swing, it’s reasonable to expect shifts that could lead to unexpected outcomes. Let’s dive into the cards for some guidance as we navigate what’s to come.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook is ‘Moment to Moment,’ also known as the Two of Pentacles. The advice comes from ‘Postponement’ in reverse (Four of Swords), with additional insights from ‘Suppression’ or the Ten of Wands. We’re consulting the vibrant and candid Osho Zen Tarot deck for this reading.

It seems there’s a lot on our plates. Sensory overload? Possibly! Busy? Undoubtedly. Overwhelmed? That’s less likely if we keep moving. On the whole, I anticipate we’ll handle what needs attention. The Two of Pentacles suggests we’re balancing our duties effectively, even though it requires some prioritizing.

However, the advice indicates we should keep abreast of developments to avoid being swamped by trying to tackle too much simultaneously.

Take a moment to pace yourself. Prioritize and discern what is truly your responsibility—emotional burdens included. If it matters, ensure you have a contingency plan. Be prepared to shed excess weight. It might be a long climb if you don’t…

The resonant word for me here is ‘preparation.’ You may not be certain of your next move, but it’s wise to be ready to act when opportunity knocks.

Are you feeling the momentum?

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Four of Swords, Ten of Wands, Two of Pentacles

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