October 12

10/12/12: Yeah, but…| 2 of Cups Reversed



Most of us don’t think in terms of black or white, or at least, most psychologically healthy people don’t! We live in a world of shades, with ups and downs and everything in between. The card today makes me think, “Yeah, but,” because it illustrates what’s essentially an emotional shade of gray.

Tarot is full of polarity—yin and yang, light and dark, man and woman. The Lovers shows a strong example of this principle, whereas the Two of Cups  (Venus in Cancer) acts as a lesser version of the Lovers energy. I would expect to see this card surrounding relationships or even a feeling about something that is emotional, but not necessarily as transformative and long-lasting as when the Lovers appears. There always seems to be a reflective quality to Lovers and Two of Cups situations. What you see in the other impacts how you see yourself and vice versa.

Reversed, there’s a disconnect of some sort. Maybe you care, but a distance is creeping up unnoticed. Maybe you have mixed feelings about your work or friends—the card can speak to your feelings about something or someone other than a romantic partner, you know. Maybe there is a resentment or unspoken issue that’s wedging in.

What’s clear is that somehow, somewhere, someone just ain’t feeling the love!

Can you correct it? Can you address the divide? Would it be better to move on? That’s something to decide for yourself. What I can say is that a vague sense of dissatisfaction isn’t a passing mood so much as it’s indication of a drifting apart between you and whomever or whatever it is that you love.

Are you feeling the love? If not, do you know where to look?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Morgan-Greer, Two of Cups

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  1. I tried on a new “human contact” avenue recently. It’s not working out for me. Cutting my losses early and moving on.

    “Either the energy (‘right vibe’) is there, or it’s not. You can’t make it be when it’s not.”

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