December 26

12/26/12: Be the Love to Feel the Love | 2 of Cups



Hey, did you do a good job of avoiding Christmas conflict? I hope so.

Because today we’ve got the Two of Cups! The Yin and the Yang harmoniously flow. It’s not hard to tap into this loving energy…make sure your thoughts, words and actions reflect your most loving intentions towards those in your life.

Attention turns up energy. If your attention flows to that you don’t like, that energy is more intensely experienced. If you want to feel more loving, focus your attention to what you LOVE!

That isn’t denial. It’s selective attention. It’s also reinforcing and energizing and healing. And not so hard to put into practice, if you stay conscious about it.

While this card is a card of loving energy and harmony, it also speaks to the reflective aspect of relationships. Remember your feelings are a reflection of your own thoughts. Maybe you don’t feel loved. Do you feel loving? Lovable?

Be the love to feel the love.

Are you feeling the love?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Legacy of the Divine, Two of Cups

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  1. So cool.

    I actually did make a decision today to focus on the ones I do love instead of obsessing over the ones who hurt me.

    I know, duh.

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