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06/07/13: Suffering Optional / 2 & 3 Swords



3_of_Swords2_of_SwordsOkay, stop your kvetching! I know y’all hate the Three of Swords but sometimes, there is something for the card to say and we have to listen just as closely to it as we would the Sun for God’s sakes. Here, however, it pairs with the Two of Swords. And the message I’m seeing is empowering, okay?

All that suffering? It’s primarily choice—and one of thoughts, no less. Swords are all about thinking in the elemental paradigm I use at least.

It’s instructive that the Transparent Tarot’s Three of Swords shows the figure stabbing HIMSELF in the heart with one of the swords. You get that? He’s wielding the weapon of a belief against his own heart. But it’s crossed by the sword from the figure in the Two of Swords. On the left, it suggests the past. On the right, it suggests the future. He can stop that impending stab if he chooses to reframe the experience and move forward instead of back.

So sure, if you’re got a loss, acknowledge it. Three of Swords losses tend to be real, tangible and hurtful. The object of loss generally is not coming back…Understood. But also realize how PAINFUL that loss is depends a whole lot upon you and your choices in how to parse it. What it means is up to how you interpret, after all. Loss is not optional. But prolonged suffering is optional! Choose wisely.

Do you find this pattern to be true of losses?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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  1. Indeed, I do. My “get through the dentist” mantra is “Life is pain; suffering is optional.” I actually find this uplifting, weird as I am.

    1. Eh, may be weird (as if I could judge-har!), but it certainly sounds serviceable. It’s one of those things I try to remind myself on a regular basis, that suffering is more choice than chance.

  2. It was one of my therapy lessons, actually.

    That along with my brain makes my reality, so why not make it the best I can?

    Yup. Acknowledge the pain (Novocaine and I are not friendly) breathe, and move on with the day. Apply to other situations as appropriate.

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