November 19

11/20/13: Inside Job / Hierophant Rx


Hierophant Rx

The Hierophant reversed is saying to me that today, your answers are not buried in “the old ways.” You won’t find the keys to enlightenment buried in dusty books or arcane teachings or even via meditation you learned on a podcast from the latest hip guru sensation.

I’m not saying such things are worthless. They have value. Within them are tugs and hints but like all real truths—the most significant and powerful growth–the most profound realizations reside within your heart. All those tools and teachings? They help quiet your mind so you can better hear the inner voice and essentially, get you out of the way of yourself.

Who would have guessed? The road to self-realization is totally an inside job!

What do you think?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Tarot Illuminati, The Hierophant

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