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04/24/13: Questions for the Overburdened / 10 Wands


Uh oh!


The Ten of Wands is heavy. It shows up when you’re tired, heavily weighted down and not getting a lot of outside support. Associated with Saturn (responsibilities) in Sagittarius (expansiveness), this energy is akin to the saying, “The weight of the world is on your shoulders.”

If you’re here, I have a few “Ten of Swords Questions” that may help:

  • Is the load yours? Or is it rightfully carried in part by someone else? Are you rescuing inappropriately? Saving others from lessons rightfully belonging to them?
  • Have you sought support? Even if those are your own wands upon your back, many times family and friends would not only be willing to help, but may be happy to help.
  • Are you making unrealistic demands of yourself? No downtime, over-extending your resources, and other workaholic practices are a fast track to burnout.
  • Are you pacing yourself? Many times, Tarot Tens indicate relatively short-term situations. Can you shuffle, juggle or otherwise manage the workload reasonably?
  • Are you planning for the future? I’m talking a future where you do not single-handedly tote every wand. Look for an escape route, a reasonable way to see a tomorrow with less of a backache.
  • Are you taking good care of yourself otherwise? Eating well, getting lots of rest, uplifting entertainment and friendly fellowship all help build up your energy and keep you strong and stable to carry whatever you need to carry, for however long you need to carry it.

No, these periods are never easy. But you know, they ARE finite. If you keep your wits about you, you can weather whatever you need to and look for ways to regain a more comfortable balance as you step into the future. You know?

Are you feeling overburdened?

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