July 9

07/09/12: Suppressed Potential |10 Wands, King Cups


I had a great 4th of July. On the drive home from our celebration, I was fiddling with my phone looking at Facebook. I saw a picture of one of my brothers I hadn’t seen in, I dunno…15 years? I realized, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d recognize him if I saw him on the street. It surprised me when I started to cry, just a little. Didn’t know there were still tears in there.


The Ten of Wands is a pretty frequent draw for me personally. I have tendency to take on too much, so the cards give reminders. Paired with the Osho Zen’s version of the King of Cups, “Healing,” it looks like we’ve got a prescription for dealing with the heaviness of “Suppression.”

One important feature to darned near every draw of the Ten of Wands I have ever had—the restriction is always, always, always by choice, even if we’re not aware of the fact. Seeing this followed up with the King of Cups, whom I usually see as advising us to act on our feelings, is very instructive.

The last few months, I’ve been getting pings that I need to make a choice about where I’m going professionally—and the impact of those choices in my personal life. This is not a new subject for me. It’s actually been quite gradual, starting when Saturn was transiting Virgo and my first house and second houses were lit up like a Christmas tree. But the feelings keep coming and they are getting louder.

The commitment factor is highlight by recognizing that past a certain point, I will get further and further outside the box for more and more people. This is sometimes unpleasant and painful. Am I ready to deal with it?

It’s one thing read Tarot cards. It’s a whole different thing altogether to say I talk to the spirits guides or see the dead or practice witchcraft or leave offerings to deities. While we’re talking about my spiritual connection and how I practice it, it would be naive to assume some or all of these practices could not impact my personal or professional life negatively.

Today, the cards remind me that I DO hold myself back. I don’t want to do that anymore. The way out, the way to healing for me, is to stand up, act on my sense of inner knowing, and BE who I am, no apologies. Anything else would leave me with regret. Maybe part of my service is to be WAY outside the box and help make it safe for others to venture out.  No suppression. Only truth, as I see it in the present moment. I’m done letting other people determine my rate of growth.

What do you see in these cards?

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King of Cups, Osho Zen, Ten of Wands

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  1. Dixie, I LOVE it when you’re outside the box!

    I was quiet for a while when I first learned Reiki – living out in the “sticks” and all. (It was almost 20 years ago, to be fair to myself.) And then one day, I sucked it up, and put an ad in the paper for classes.
    People wanting Reiki came out of the woodwork!
    Now I’m watching the same thing with a student – she asked for a class, and all of a sudden, she finds out there are three Reiki Masters within a mile of her.
    Time for us all to be visible, I think.

  2. Once again, these cards (very loudly) echo the stuff rattling around in my head and life. I’m taking a second look at how I choose to make my living, and I’m realizing (with horror) that what I’m doing is SO far away from my passions and the things that I truly love that I’m basically living someone else’s life.

    I kinda feel like Superman… mild mannered “Clark Kent” analyst by day, wildly creative and woo-woo Super… natural?… artist & Tarot reader by night. Getting very tired of the double-life. Something’s gotta give. And methinks it’s the false, conservative, straight-laced day job that’s gotta go. That suit does not fit me anymore. Just gotta find the courage to throw it off.

    Thanks for the insight and thought-provoking “stuff” Dixie!

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