April 4

04/04/13: Overkilled but not Dead / 10 Swords


Editorial Note: I messed up the scheduling and had this slated for tomorrow instead of today. Seeing what card this was and knowing NOBODY is going to like it, I actually considered pulling another card for today but 1. this was next in line, and 2.  you’re not going to like it any better tomorrow. Best to take the medicine now and get it done with. Ha!


Ouch! It’s the Ten of Swords! I want to tell you the worst is over, it’s all uphill from here, and it’s really best this way, now that you know. That’s what I always WANT to say when I see the this card. I try to say these things, often. The problem is, how often am I really heard?

When this card shows up, rationality doesn’t play so well most of the time, no mater we’re in the rational suit of Tarot Swords. People focus on fear if it’s in a future position, or pain if it’s in the now.

So instead, I’ll say this: I’m sorry for any pain. You have a right to it. I won’t dispute that. I do hope, however, you don’t just sit too long. Laying about with those swords in your back could lead to some awful bleeding.

Wouldn’t it be better to start pulling out those nasty, sharp swords?

And while I’d prefer not to point it out…didn’t you kind of see this coming? Maybe you’d really hoped to be wrong, but can you honestly say it was a complete surprise?

Don’t feel bad about it. Just pull those suckers out, one at a time. You’ll start feeling better shortly, I promise.

I am SO hoping you have no idea what I might be referring to!!

Do you?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Mystic Dreamer, Pain, Ten of Swords

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  1. Having side effects to a medication. This has brought reminders of the past and fear and upset. Thankfully I only have to take it for a week.

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