December 18

12/18/12: Family Love (and tame dogs)| 10 of Pentacles


10-pentacles meaningWhat a welcome sight after the last few days! The Ten of Pentacles is by all accounts a happy card, emphasizing prosperity both in terms of financial matters and interpersonal relationships. The multi-generational scene of people gathering in obvious comfort, well-dressed (and grandpa looks pretty well-fed!), conjures up visions of happy family gatherings.

Dogs often speak to our animal nature in Tarot symbolism. Here, the creature within us is tame and loving, in harmony with the rest of the family. We’d be wise to do the same…look to tame your inner creature and live with the whole self intact, amongst your people, you know? Taming our urges and living in concert with both our basic instincts as well as the higher ideals is part of the gig in living a well-rounded existence.

I won’t go on and on here. I’ll let you just enjoy that Ten of Pentacles moment.

Are you feeling the family love?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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New Vision Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

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  1. This my family today! Our daughter is graduating college tomorrow YEA! Ceremony is at 9:00 am & we were leaving later afternoon to stay in a hotel. Unfortunately, our dog sitter had to go out of town & our newest rescue still isn’t comfortable with new people, she bit mom in the butt the 1st time they met! This morning we decided to leave early in the morning instead of trying to find someone new at the last minute. This makes ALL family members happy, 2 & 4 legged. My daughter’s friend is in town so she’s good either way.

    Yea that grandpa is us too except it’s grandma. My mom just called to say she may not go with us, her stomach is very upset. She wants to see her granddaughter graduate yet doesn’t want to disrupt such an important day. OMG finally! My mom has attended numerous events when she should’ve used better judgment to stay home/dixiblog/domains/ We’ve had to adjust while out but she goes because she doesn’t want to miss anything especially if a meal is involved. LOTS of frustration with this in the past. When I told her we were leaving tomorrow she got so excited & said “I know I’ll feel better in the morning as long as I’m very careful with my eating today”. She’s ruled by her stomach. I WANT her to go & now with the adjusted schedule ALL member of our family will be happy 2 & 4 legged!


    1. I’m so glad to hear this, Tracie. I hope the event is a wonderful and beautiful day for your daughter and the family. That’s a HUGE accomplishment. I’m sure you’re all very proud of her.

      1. This card is PERFECT & I don’t think it would be as good from any other deck. Even the dog looks like my Dixie staring at my mom sitting in one of her numerous mumus/robes/housecoats she lives in lol. Same color as my house & my son’s probably upstairs playing XBox while my daughter looks around me wary grandma.

        VERY PROUD! Thanks

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