April 6

10 of Swords: After the Storm Clears


I had myself a big ol’ meltdown recently. I hadn’t planned on it, but in retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised it happened—it was only a matter of time.

And let me tell you, predictive Tarot is predictive. Damn it.

I was caught off guard by the meltdown despite predicting it last week. But, to my surprise, it was a relief to just let it all out. Less energy on self-control meant more for processing and integrating the experience.

Now, I hate to be the bearer of gloomy news, but next week’s cards are hinting at a “last straw” kind of vibe. That’s the “boo” part. The “yay” part? Forewarned is forearmed, giving us choices and control. And as always, our trusty Tarot friends are here to guide us.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook: Ten of Swords. Ouch! Advice: Two of Pentacles reversed, with added insight from Ace of Cups reversed using Legacy of the Divine deck.

Feeling overwhelmed? Betrayed? Unheard or disregarded? That’s the Ten of Swords for you. And when this energy crashes the party, it’s never fun. As part of the weekly outlook, there’s no telling if you’ll be on the receiving end personally, or identified as the source—fair or not.

Expect some raw edges this week. High chances of overreaction, with a sprinkle of emotional outbursts. Just so we’re clear.

The advice? The Two of Pentacles reversed tells it straight: drop the unnecessary. This applies across the board, but especially when it comes to emotional baggage. That reversed Ace of Cups warns against tumbling down emotional rabbit holes.

I’m responsible for my feelings. And while I may care about yours, I don’t control them. Nor do I control your worldview, thoughts, or interpretations of me and my choices. This is key.

Control the intent, not the reception. Trying to manage perceptions is like juggling too many balls—it leads to a loss of personal freedom and devalues your own worth and experiences. It’s an invitation to tie your happiness to uncontrollable external factors.

Bad idea, folks. So, what’s the better play?

Acknowledge your hurts. When the Ten of Swords shows up, pain is usually undeniable and intense. Give yourself permission—and a directive—to take a step back. Slow down. Feel. Rest. Breathe out. And with a bit of time, it’ll all start to look up.

Remember, the Ten of Swords may symbolize rock bottom, but here’s the thing about hitting the bottom: there’s nowhere to go but up. So this week, let’s find our feet. Ground yourself in simple pleasures. Meditate. Touch base with people who value and support you. Create something beautiful. Take a nap! Whatever restabilizes you can serve as small anchors that keep us steady in stormy seas. And trust me, there’s a brighter morning on the horizon, fresh and clear after the night’s storm. The air will be fresher once it’s cleared, and you’ll be in position to see where you’re going with more clarity than before.

It’s worth it. Be well out there, friends. I’m rooting for you!

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Ace of Cups, Legacy of the Divine, Ten of Swords, Two of Pentacles

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