March 22

03/24/14: Psychosomatic Illness / 10 of Cups Rx


10 of Cups Rx

Note: Oops! This was supposed to post tomorrow evening, for Monday, the 24th. I published it early by accident but I’m going to leave it out there now for extra sink-in time. It’s crunchy out there!

Let’s cut to the chase: with the reversed Ten of Cups paired with body, I’m going to forecast a high probability of psychosomatic illness. Now, that’s not imaginary. That is emotionally-rooted.

Look especially to family upsets or old issues from childhood getting triggered. And try to counterbalance it with everyday, present-time positive emotional experience. That should help!

If you’re still having a hard time and not feeling your best, there is always the nap option. I’m all for the nap option.

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