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02/17/13: Family Love Insulation / 10 of Cups



So maybe the rest of the world is going up in flames and sure, there’s a zombie swimming toward the shore. But Mama is happy! She’s got her adoring husband and little bundles of joy playing nearby. She’s living a sunny day at the beach! Nothing else matters to her, not right now anyway.

Lately, I’ve been struck by themes about the quality of the people you keep in your life, and this card reinforces the notion. “Family” is a lot more than who is related to whom. That’s the blood family, but we also have a “heart family.” For some folks, the group is one and the same but anybody who has a family of any sort, however humble a group it may be, is a lucky person indeed!

Expressions of support, simple shared activities, and even a sunny disposition all provide a tremendous amount of insulation from life’s storms. Whatever’s wrong in the world (and there will always be SOMETHING), don’t let it dissuade you from finding yourself a little getaway bungalow and fill it with love.

But what if you don’t have people for that? Well…even if you begin with a studio bungalow and it has a residency of one…make sure YOU are truly there. Love is protective and healing. Get a dog or cat, get art or music that you love. Hell, get a pair of shoes that you love! I don’t care how you begin, just turn up the emotion of LOVE in your life. Use the word “Love” and think thoughts about love and FEEL love. This helps amp up your loving vibration to attract a heart family. It’s healing and protective.

The first and most important member of your family is always the same: you.

Do you feel love insulation?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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  1. Ohhhhh, new shoes! Mine shall be ruby slippers

    Who are my heart people, my BFFS? My hubby, my dearest friend Sandy & less close my friend Nancy. I also count this really cool lady with pink hair as a dear friend, she lives on the other side of Oz in Kansas. It’s a short list yet it’s full of love, especially when you add in our Chiron rescue dogs.

    I had another group I thought would be family but they were really zombies – ALL of them.

    Knowing & loving oneself makes it easier to love who & what you DO have versus what you don’t. It also maked it easier to see who’s rally at the door, you let zombies in this way ya know.

    I live the Ten of Cups everyday & it’s always a good reminder to appreciate it.

    Love & hugs from this side of sunny Oz

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